Shine Your Divine Light

Shine Your Divine Light


Shine Your Divine Light is a mind body and spirit experience that offers unique perspectives to understanding the meaning of life. It combines ancient Egyptian/Kemetian information, psychology, personal development and channelling. Through these combined insights the book offers the reader a holistic view of self and how to heal self and becoming abundant in all aspects of life. Neferatiti's takes you on the ups and downs of her own personal journey interwoven with Ancient wisdom. For the first time Ancient Egyptian/Kemetian wisdom is downloaded to assist you in your practical life. The book considers the major milestones that affects each and everyone of us. You are taken on an adventure to explore relationships, self -esteem, self love, family issues, nature, the chakras and much more.

By Neferatiti Ife

Published by Sun Ra Publishing

ISBN: 9780956069214

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