Getting Your Book Stocked
At New Beacon Books

Submissions - OPEN

We receive a number of unsolicited emails from authors every day with NO INFORMATION! We can not consider a book which we know nothing about.

Please take some me time to compile a proposal that you can submit to book sellers which will help you be taken seriously. 

Your proposal should include a brief synopsis of your book and who it is targeted at. 
Format - Paperback or Hardback
RRP and Trade pricing
Marketing: What you have done / doing to promote your book and why you wrote it along with some information about yourself and why you think it should be stocked!

We would like to remind you  that the following points should be considered before submitting your book:

  • It should be professionally proofed, edited, designed, and published

  • It should have a spine with the title and author on it

  • It should be priced comparably to others of its type

  • It should be appropriate for our store; i.e., it should not be in a genre that we do not stock or promote.

If you have taken the time to put your thoughts to paper, take some time to be professional in how you approach book sellers! 

We will make every effort to examine your book and evaluate its potential for selling in our store as soon as possible,  however please be aware that we usually have a large number of books to consider, and there is simply not time to review them all within a short period of time. So your patience in appreciated.

We take self-published or self-promoted books on a sale or return basis. We do not pay shipping costs either. If we accept your book, we will pay you a percentage of the retail price for any copies that we sell. We usually review the status of these titles 2 or 3 times a year. If a title has not sold well we request the author pick up unsold copies at that time. 

If we stock your book, we ask that your promotional material directs customers to New Beacon Books for purchasing, and that your website directs orders to our store and our website.

If, after reading this you would like us to consider your book, please send your proposal with  a  non-returnable review copy of your book to us in-store, along with contact information etc. 


Good luck New Beacon Books