Feminist Book Fortnight - 16 to 30 June

Feminist Book Fortnight: Saturday 16th June to Saturday 30th June

In celebration of Vote 100, the hundredth anniversary of women in the UK getting the vote, a group of radical and independent bookshops is launching Feminist Book Fortnight, a celebration of feminist books.


There has been an explosion of new feminist publishing in the last two to three years. Books by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Laura Bates, Mary Beard, Laurie Penny, Rebecca Solnit, 404Ink,and many others have become bestsellers. Younger feminists are also discovering feminist classics by writers and activists such as Audre Lorde, whose writing was recently republished in the UK by Silver Press.

Check out our programmed events and books for the fortnight nearer the time.

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