Art In The Caribbean - An Introduction

Art In The Caribbean - An Introduction


Art in the Caribbean: An introduction offers an opportunity to engage with the visual arts in all parts of the Caribbean region: from Belize in Central America through the Antillean Archipelago to the Guianas in South America. • Gallery of 40 artworks made in the region since the 1940s reflecting creolized traditions and formal innovation by artists of the Dutch, English, French and Spanish-speaking areas • Gallery artworks reproduced full page with, on the facing page, a description and critique of the work, its context, and information about the artist • Historical Background narrating art developments in the region in pre-Columbian times, during the period of colonization, emancipation and early independence, and in the modern era, all within their geo-political context, and illustrated with 100 further artworks • Time Line setting out main art developments and their historical context • Glossary of art terms, select Bibliography and full listing of Illustrations

By Anne Walmsley & Stanley Greaves

Published by New Beacon Books 

ISBN: 9781873201220

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