Roots to Popular Culture: Warwick University Caribbean Studies

Roots to Popular Culture: Warwick University Caribbean Studies


In a world of increasing globalisation and artistic imperialism, a nation's unique culture must be placed at the centre of its political and economic development. For Curwen Best it is culture, particularly popular culture, that most eloquently and democratically expresses the aspirations and needs of a people. To that end, he explores the work of his native Barbados' major artists in the fields of literature, drama and music. Among the many artists critiqued and illuminated are the historian and poet Kamau Brathwaite, the playwright and radio dramatist Jeanette Layne-Clark, and the singers Gabby, Marvo Manning, Johnny Koieman and the chanter Lil' Rick. Throughout, the author pays homage to that unique Barbadian contribution to Caribbean music known as the tuk band, whose structure, rhythms and melodies lie at the hart of the best of the island's art. Society, Politics & Philosophy.

By Curwen Best

Published by Macmillan Caribbean

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