Fidel Castro Handbook

Fidel Castro Handbook


"The Fidel Castro Handbook", written as Fidel turned 80, is an impassioned account of the rise to power of one of the most dedicated revolutionaries who has ever lived. This lavishly illustrated portrait explains just what it is about Fidel that enabled him to inspire and lead his beloved Cuba in the face of half a century of U.S. blockades, terrorism and assassination plots. Author George Galloway traces Fidel's extraordinary life from his rural childhood, through the guerilla struggle in the Sierra Maestra, the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Missile Crisis, to his life with the Soviet Union, his contribution as a figurehead for other Latin American countries, and his lasting inspiration for the oppressed everywhere. Galloway's vivid retelling of Fidel's life reveals a leader of remarkable intelligence, fortitude and humanity.

By George Galloway

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