The French Cashew Tree

The French Cashew Tree


Spanning the ages of eight to eighty, The French Cashew Tree narrates the life journey of author Parrain Thorance—beginning with his early years growing up with his parents, brother, and sister in a little house on a hill overlooking a valley, misty mountains in the distance. It tells of how Thorance viewed the world as he sat under his favorite cashew tree.
This memoir shares a variety of experiences and events, including the death of his mother when he was eight years old, the story of saucy Juliana, his letter to Shakespeare, his uncle-in law who tested him, of his grandmother and him sitting in the yard watching the full moon dancing in and out of the billowing white clouds, and his work as an actor. 
A coming-of-age story and beyond, The French Cashew Tree skillfully describes Thorance’s environment, culture, and the people who shaped his eventful life.

By Parrain Thorance

Published by Authorhouse

ISBN 9781524681456 

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