This book will change the way you live and play

Football focuses heavily on physical prowess and talent, but the great players possess something extra: The ability to make good decisions on and off the pitch. To unlock their true potential coaches and players need to go beyond their gifts with the ball at their feet and focus as much on their heart and mind. Soccology is an indispensable guide to understanding your psycho-emotional story in order to unlock your potential and make the most of your skills. Invaluable for the modern footballer Soccology contains lessons far beyond the beautiful game in how to be the best version of ourselves.

“I loved this book! Reading it made me stronger minded and helped me to understand my feelings.” – Thaisa Moreno, AC Milan and Brazilian international

“The perfect football guide! This book will change how people experience and behave in football.” – Bradley Wright-Philips, New York Redbulls

“Soccology gives players a much deeper understanding of the game and educates those who care for players on how to better teach, manage and support them” –  Akala, rapper, poet, former West Ham Utd player

“Kevin has used his experiences as a young professional football player to challenge traditional practices and views for the betterment of the young people he works with, encouraging them to take control of their own lives to make the best of life’s opportunities.” – Martyn Heather, Head of Education at the Premier League

By Kevin George

Published by OwnIt! Publishing

ISBN: 9780995458932

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