Cyrille Regis: My Story

Cyrille Regis: My Story


Cyrille Regis' story is a compelling one on so many levels. The story of his migration from the French Caribbean to a racially divided West London in the 1960s, his development as a semiprofessional footballer and his subsequent move to a top-flight Football League club, followed by national recognition and glory, while still facing racial hatred is a tale in itself. The book begins at Buckingham Palace in 2008, when Cyrille Regis received his MBE, recognition for his services to football and the community. This fascinating autobiography describes the battles Cyrille faced as a child and teenager before he turned professional and achieved great things as a footballer. As well as detailing the glorious moments in his career, it studies the impact that he and his black teammates had on the sociological outlook of football fans. The book concludes with a review of Cyrille Regis' life after he retired as a footballer and his work in the community.

By Cyrille Regis. Foreword by David James

Published by Carlton Books Ltd
ISBN 9780233003115

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