The Man Who Came To London

The Man Who Came To London


“The Man Who Came to London” is a story about the expectations and experiences of the ‘New Millennium migrant’. 

Freddy believes it is time to see if Great Britain – as described by the pioneers who made the journey there; decades earlier – was just as what was reported. For Freddy, a road trip to the North was literally a ‘discovery’ of the other side of British society: Sheffield, Birmingham, St.Asaph, Painswick and Cambridge are all included. 

With some familiar themes surrounding migration running throughout the chapters, the writer relates the story with a sense of wit and purposeful language. 

A. S. Cookson has skilfully interjected some humour, in a candid exposure of cultural and social realities – from the barber shop in London to the pier at Brighton & Hove – which makes the story compelling and entertaining in equal measure.  

By A.S. Cookson 

Published by Peaches Publication 

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