An African Story: The Marriage

An African Story: The Marriage


A STORY OF ANCIENT AFRICA...Akapwon is looking for a bride. However, circumstances have caused his bride price offer to be very low and so it is always rejected. Finally he gets a bride, Maimuna, but is amazed that her father accepted his offer as he is from the Twee village. The fathers of Twee women could demand any price and prospective bridegrooms would willingly pay. Yet Akapwon, who is a poor farmer, has managed to acquire such a prize. He is suspicious. Little does he realise how well-founded his suspicions are, for Maimuna comes with a devastating secret.In the nick of time, Maimuna's parents receive an offer of marriage which would save their daughter from a painful death. Without hesitation the offer is accepted. Yet danger still threatens for it has only been postponed. As Maimuna prepares for her wedding anxiety consumes her.This story explores universal themes such as the demands of tradition versus the dictates of conscience; how confrontation, counsel and punishment can all be means of bringing a person to greater self-knowledge and positive change; and how unselfishness, self-control and compassion are needed to undergird passion in a marriage.

By L.A. Osakwe

Published by Old King Cole

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