Nia and the Kingdoms of Celebration

Nia and the Kingdoms of Celebration


In the time when the Earth was one land, but made up of five kingdoms, there were no borders, fences or separation by water. The Kingdom of Fragrant Flowers, Princess Nia’s kingdom, was busy preparing for their biggest celebration—the Celebration of the Rainbow Roses. This time, the other four kingdoms are invited. It was perhaps the happiest time on Earth, until a season of darkness arrives, breaking the land and kingdoms apart. What was meant to be a glorious celebration becomes a dreadful nightmare. Will the other kingdoms make it? In this first book, in the Kingdoms of Celebration series, find out how Princess Nia and her friends, from the other kingdoms, respond in this story of bravery, beauty and celebration.

By Philip Robinson 

Published by Kingdoms of Celebration

ISBN: 978-1999892302

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