Black Scientists and Inventors: Book 3

Black Scientists and Inventors: Book 3


This book is designed for use by children between the ages of 7 - 16. This long-awaited title is now here! It is the third book in the black scientists & inventors’ series of educational textbooks. It seeks to assist young readers, aged 7 – 16 with their English, maths, history, geography and science. In this edition are the biographies of South African gardener turned doctor Hamilton Naki; Dr. Mark Dean, a father of the personal computer; Dr Benjamin Carson, a world’s leading neuro-surgeon; Mary Seacole, the other Florence Nightingale; Kool DJ Herc, a father of Hip Hop; and Dr. Rose-Marie Toussaint to name a few. This educational textbook contains the biographies of notable black scientists and inventors from the across the UK, America, the Caribbean, and Africa. It also contains study questions, a timeline of the scientists and inventors featured in the book, a glossary, and a bibliography for further reading.

By Michael Williams, Jeorge Asare-Djan

Published by BIS Publications

ISBN 9781903289990

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