The Story Of The Windrush

The Story Of The Windrush


The story before the scandal. A book to celebrate the inspiring legacy of the Windrush pioneers. In June 1948, hundreds of Caribbean men, women and children arrived in London on a ship called the Empire Windrush. Combining historical fact with voices from the Windrush Generation, this book sensitively tells the inspiring story of the Windrush Generation pioneers for younger readers.

This book dispels the myths and reveals the real history behind the headlines. It explains the context of the Windrush’s arrival seventy years ago, and shows why this information still matters today.

  • An excellent resource to support teachers fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum in English and History. The text also supports and stimulates discussions around PSHE as well as providing opportunities for extension projects involving media studies, music, and geography.

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By Kandace Chimbiri 

Published by Golden Destiny Publishing

ISBN: 9780956252500

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