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Reflections of Me

By Kirsty Latoya

Reflections of Me, an art and poetry book by 27-year-old emerging artist Kirsty Latoya, from South London.

The book will be made up of four sections – mental health, identity, womanhood and love – and images will be accompanied by original poems from the artist.

Whilst studying in New York, Latoya took the opportunity to take art classes and learn to paint. Using this as a foundation, in December 2014 Latoya taught herself digital art using an iPad and stylus by experimenting with different apps and programs. Not long after, she ditched the stylus, preferring the freedom of drawing on the iPad with her finger which is how Kirsty now creates all her art pieces.

The Colour Of Madness

By Samra Linton & Rianna Walcott

The Colour Of Madness is a seminal BAME led & curated anthology, comprised of poetry, fiction, essays, memoirs, and art submitted by BAME writers, academics, mental health workers, artists and those still navigating life with mental health problems. Exploring the BAME mental health experience in the UK .

The Colour Of Madness Cover.jpg
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Dream To Change The World

Edited by Sarah Garrod, Nicole-Rachelle Moore and Sarah White

Dream to Change the World: The Life and Legacy of John La Rose - The Book of the Exhibition.

This new book brings you as close as possible to the 2015 exhibition which ran for three months at Islington Museum. There is additional text with contributions from some of those who were directly involved in bringing 'The Life and Legacy of John La Rose' to life