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You Ain't Bout That Life - A conversation about Gang/Youth culture in the black community with Robyn Travis and Kevin Munga
4:00 pm16:00

You Ain't Bout That Life - A conversation about Gang/Youth culture in the black community with Robyn Travis and Kevin Munga

You Ain't Bout That Life - A conversation about Gang/Youth culture in the Black community with Robyn Travis and Kevin Munga

“Young black men were victims in almost a third of killings in London last year despite only making up 1.4 per cent of its population, according to figures that reveal rising knife crime. Afro-Caribbean males as young as 13 have borne the brunt of violence that reached its highest levels in a decade” The Times – Jan 30th 2018

On Saturday 17th March join us, Robyn Travis & Kevin Munga as we discuss their personal experiences expressed through the books ‘Prisoner to the Streets’, ’Mama Can’t Raise No Man’ & ‘Young Black Males Have Potential’ and offer potential solutions to a rising problem with our community.

Conversaion led by Paul McKenzie 

A crucial event for parents, youth workers and those genuinely interested in the future of our young boys.


Robyn Travis 

Robyn Travis is an author from London. In his first book Prisoner to the Streets, Robyn shared his  raw, honest, and moving account of growing up in Hackney and Tottenham. His journey of going from a young man caught up in London’s inner city “postcode wars”, to becoming a positive leader who turned his life around.

Kevin Munga

Kevin Munga is a community  activist who wants nothing but social change.Born in the northern suburbs of Paris in a small town called Sarcelles, he faced many battles in life and has had to make something from nothing. With a mother who was severely ill and a father living in another country, he did not have much guidance and that had an impact on his life. Aged 16 Kevin realised that in the area he grew up (Croydon), it was either you became part of a local gang or you become a victim, so he believed at that specific time that adhering to a gang was the right choice, although prior to that it was never his intention.


Paul McKenzie 

Paul McKenzie is the man behind the community voice box that is 'SOAPBOX'. A platform where ordinary people can have a voice about issues or subjects within their community via video on social media. Although Paul is heavily involved with Soapbox, he also works as a mentor in schools. Not only does he mentor children but he also trains teachers on how they can understand and work with the kids better.

NTRY:  Tickets available from Eventbrite with all proceeds going to the Manhood Academy & The Jimmy Asher Foundation




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Book Signing & Talk: The Naked Truth About Having A Baby with Jernine Russell
6:30 pm18:30

Book Signing & Talk: The Naked Truth About Having A Baby with Jernine Russell

Join us as we discuss 'The Naked Truth About Having a Baby' with debut author, Jernine Russell 

The Naked Truth About Having A Baby is a new book which depicts a heartfelt, personal account of a young woman's emotional roller coaster journey into motherhood.

It's often said that having a baby should come with a manual, but this isn't one of those. Instead, the author gives an honest and open account of some of the pivotal stages of the transition into motherhood. She delves into the feelings and emotions that all new mothers go through, but rarely, truly speak of. From pregnancy to bringing baby home, to baby weight, to childcare, she tackles it all, candidly but with compassion.

Jernine is a mother of three and on a journey of re-discovering herself. She has spent the past 15 years working with disadvantaged and disenfranchised young people as a youth worker, then with both young and adult offenders as a probation officer. After a tough transition into motherhood in 2007, she felt compelled to share her thoughts and feelings with other first time mothers using one of her many skills: writing.

Fear, self-doubt and more babies meant that it took her 10 years to complete her first book. Despite the arduous task of juggling motherhood, a husband and a challenging job, she persevered to get it to publication, and along the way founded the company She Reigns. She Reigns’ core values are to empower, uplift and encourage others to reach their potential and realise their dreams.

Starting 7pm sharp


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Self Made: Bianca Miller-Cole and Byron Cole Signing
6:30 pm18:30

Self Made: Bianca Miller-Cole and Byron Cole Signing

Are you an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, intrigued by entrepreneurship, working on a project within your organisation, looking to network with movers and shakers, or do your simply have a great idea but you are not sure what to do with it? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are invited to join us in the Launch of “Self Made” Book in association with New Beacon Books for an evening of networking, comments from Authors Byron and Bianca and a Q & A Panel featuring, Oliver from Trademark Wizards (Trademark lawyer), New Beacon Books, Byron Cole and Bianca Miller-Cole

Bianca Miller-Cole is the hugely successful entrepreneur and finalist from The Apprentice 2014 who went on to major business success, founding The Be group and hosiery brand, Bianca Miller London. She is an in-demand public speaker and was awarded a Power Profile by Linked in 2016.

Byron Cole is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and mentor to entrepreneurs and students. He runs the BLC Group, an umbrella company that look after his many business interests.

And together they have written

SELF MADE :The Definitive Guide to Business Startup Success

Is a comprehensive toolkit for anyone who wants to make a success of running their own business. Featuring interviews with well-known entrepreneurs, entertainers and industry experts, the book covers every tier of the business development process, from start-up to exit, offering practical, implementable and global advice on the start-up process.

De-coding the jargon that is prevalent in business circles today, this book provides straightforward advice on converting an innovative business concept into a commercially viable proposition. It will help you to avoid the costly common mistakes of many who have gone before you, and create a sustainable enterprise that will flourish.


FREE: Includes Entry, welcome drink, unreserved seating. 

Extreamly Limited VIP Gold Ticket: £14.99: Includes a signed copy of the book, reserved priority seating and welcome drink on arrival.


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