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African Spirituality in the modern age - A conversation with Dalian Adofo & Neferatiti Ife

  • New Beacon Books 76 Stroud Green Road London, England, N4 3EN United Kingdom (map)

Join us for an interactive discussion with Dalian Adofo & Neferatiti Ife as we explore African Spirituality in the modern ages..

In the book Ancestral Voices, Dalian explores the topic across millennia from the times of the Ancient Black Egyptians to contemporary practices on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Evidenced are striking commonalities in the spiritual philosophies and practices over time and space, showing they are derived from a common mind or source.
The book also gives practical advice and suggestions from various systems on how to cultivate an African Centred Spiritual life, so it is not just an essential piece of scholarly work to read but also an invaluable manual of instruction to have for cultivating one’s personal spiritual development.

Shine Your Divine Light by Neferatiti Ife is a mind body and spirit experience that offers unique perspectives to understanding the meaning of life. It combines ancient Egyptian/Kemetian information, psychology, personal development and channelling. Through these combined insights the book offers the reader a holistic view of self and how to heal self and becoming abundant in all aspects of life. Neferatiti's takes you on the ups and downs of her own personal journey interwoven with Ancient wisdom. For the first time Ancient Egyptian/Kemetian wisdom is downloaded to assist you in your practical life. The book considers the major milestones that affects each and everyone of us. You are taken on an adventure to explore relationships, self -esteem, self love, family issues, nature, the chakras and much more.

Dalian & Neferatiti will be discussing African Spirituality and how it can guide you in todays world.

Dalian Adofo is a freelance creative artist who works across a range of media; from graphic design to film and video. He has also been in the teaching profession for over 10 years and also works on a range of youth work initiatives, both locally in the UK and abroad. He has also written and directed personal shorts and exhibited his artwork.

Culture is a fundamental element which bonds communities together, without it we lose identity and self awareness. The importance of preserving such knowledge is key to retelling the story of Africa and its contribution to world history, in a manner that is free from colonial imposition.

Neferatiti Ife is an Author, Channeler and Healer. Over the last 9 years, she has developed psychic channelling abilities, connecting with Ancient ancestral beings as well as Light beings from the ethereal world. These communications led to the publication of her first book, ‘Conversations with the Blackman’s God’.

As well as being an experienced psychic communicator, she holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Social Work and a Sociology Degree.

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